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[pct-l] My website

Hi everybody, it's been a while since I posted anything to the list, but
I've been busy.

I just uploaded a chronicle of my 1998 hike from Kennedy Meadows to Echo
Lake.  It's got lots of maps and photos to go along with my trail
journal.  Check it out at http://home.san.rr.com/tomsadventures/.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Lake Morena to contribute 3 days of PCT
trail crew work with Pete Fish and his trail gorillas.  If any of you
haven't done trail crew and are thinking about it, let me say that it's
a great way to give something back and to interact with some really
wonderful people who are making a difference.  I had the privilege of
working with Pete and his crew for 10 days a few weeks ago north of
Warner Springs.  It was a great team effort and we really improved a
section of the trail that hadn't been maintained since 1994.  When I
hike that section later this spring you can be sure I'll feel a sense of
pride as I hike on "my tread".

Happy trails, Tom
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