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[pct-l] Boots

Though I should probably know better I'd like to add a few comments on the 
subject of boots. The subject is kind of like politics and religion. There 
are so many different brands and nobody's feet are alike. Now don't get me 
wrong because Vasque makes a mighty fine boot, but as Troubadour said, there  
ain't no ankle or arch support. And although Ray Jardine has some good ideas 
when it comes to lightweight backpacking, I'm sticking to the old school when 
it comes to boots. I met more than a few thru hikers suffering mightily from 
feet problems. Many had to walk barefoot in rest stops until their blisters 
healed. Most wore out five or six pairs of boots from Mexico to Canada. 
Finally, when hiking sections requiring creek fords or walking in snow, the 
fabric boot wearers had wet feet for days on end. And most thought all these 
conditions were just the way it was and you just had to live with it. I'm 
going to stir up a hornets nest by not being long distance politically 
correct, but I love my good old Red Wing Irish Setter leather hiking boots. I 
started out with a well broken in pair at Campo and they lasted all the way 
to Seiad Valley. There, I got a brand new pair and hiked 16 miles up 4000 
feet with nary a blister. I'm wearing them today for work and they still have 
many backpacks to come. They've taken me top the top of Mt. Rainier with 
crampons, through 105 degree non blistering heat of 5000 foot descents into 
the Grand Canyon and now 2600 miles of thru hiking. Sorry, but I ain't 
changing. Red Wing also owns Vasque and I've heard a lot of good things about 
them, but why fix it if it ain't broken. But as I said, no two feet are alike 
so what's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander. I'm just 
passing on my experience for whatever it's worth and I'm certain I'll be 
getting responses saying it isn't worth much!!
          Mountain Dave.
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