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[pct-l] Second Edition of "Fixing Your Feet"

List members,

For those of you with interest, the second edition of "Fixing Your Feet" is
now available. If you have experienced problems with your feet, this books
covers everything. A table of contents at the web site shows the depth of
the information in the book.

This is a complete revision that includes new chapters on Conditioning, 151
ways to Prevent Blisters, Teamwork and Crew Support, Multi-Day Events, Cold
and Heat Therapy, Numb Toes and Feet, and Internet Feet-Related Web Sites.
The book went from 202 pages to 312! I reformatted the text and made it an
easier read while adding new material in every chapter.

My web site has been updated with the new information. All orders in the US
are shipped by Priority Mail.

Those who own the first edition are offered a $2.00 saving by including your
title page with your order--$13.95 instead of $15.95 (with $1.15 California
sales tax for those lucky enough to live in the Golden State). Just adjust
the order form and include the title page.

John Vonhof
FIXING YOUR FEET: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes -- Second Edition

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