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[pct-l] Re: Tent in Sth Calif and Sierras

Whether you carry a tent in Sth Calif should depend upon:

1) Your experience with your alternative shelter system.
2) How early you start.  The earlier you start the more likely that you will 
encounter a spring storm and the more likely you will need a more substantial 
shelter.  Even if you leave late (late to me is late April, early May) you 
still have the greatest chance of encountering a late storm of any time on 
the trail, so prepare.

Regarding the Sierras:

Hit them early and deal with the snow,


Hit them late and deal with the mosquitos.

Your choice.  They (mosquitos and snow) are almost mutually exclusive.  The 
mosquitos don't come out until a lot of the snow is gone.

Personally I would rather put up with the snow.  If you miss the mosquitos in 
the Sierras you will find them in Nth Calif and/or Oregon.  However, you will 
find them in Nth Cal and Oregon anyway, so why not try to miss them in the 

Hike your own hike.

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel

PS:   Normal, repetitive, regularly spaced winter storms hitting Sth Calif. 
right now.  I had about 20 inches of snow fall on me in a 24 hour period this 
weekend at a YMCA camp near Big Bear.  Lots of fun!
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