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[pct-l] Other meats to dehydrate

A note about dehydrating meats:  (BTW, I carried cans
of tuna on the AT, which was not a big deal, but I
decided to dehydrate for the PCT.)

Imitation crab meat dehydrates really well and adds an
exotic mix to the regular tuna and chicken combo. 
Also, lean ground beef boiled will dehydrate pretty
well, but doesn't rehydrate as nice as the other
leaner meats.

I once carried freeze-dried foods for 7 consecutive
days, and I was so incredibly sick of them that the
sight of one of their (non-biodegradable) packages
made my stomach turn.  I thought they'd be the
lightest most nutritious choice for a long section,
but there is something about them that didn't sustain
my long distance hikers' appetite.  I went back to
Liptons and tuna and was happy to eat this every day
for the next several months.  The freeze-dried foods
might be lower sodium content or maybe lower protein,
although the nutritional values make them out to be
well-rounded food sources.  I would highly recommend
the freeze-dried veggies as an occasional supplement. 
The FD process leaves in more vitamins than

AT98, PCT00
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