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[pct-l] Old Timberline Reused

 The first Eureka Timberline tents started showing up in the early 70's. 
These were some of the first freestanding  tents made. A great tent sold at a 
great price. This early tent was american made in it's early years ( as is 
the current outfitter model) and were the most popular tent for many years ( 
the SVEA of tents) ----Now ,in the days of  2 and 3lb super tents, the Eureka 
 is resigned to car camping, scout trips and yard sales. This is great for 
us!!!! The timberline rainfly works great with to normal length ski poles. 
Just set my old rainfly up in the yard with 2 ski poles and staked out the 
rest. The rainfly looks bombproof and can cover a bivi tent or two if need 
be. So don't toss your old Eureka ( many hikers first tent!!! ) Recycle it 
into your new lightweight gear pile. OLD FLYS MADE GREAT TARPS!!!!!!
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