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Re: [pct-l] Other meats to dehydrate

In a message dated 3/2/00 7:40:25 AM Pacific Standard Time, kborski@yahoo.com 

<< A note about dehydrating meats:  (BTW, I carried cans of tuna on the AT, 
which was not a big deal, but I decided to dehydrate for the PCT.) >>

One other thing to consider when deciding between FD / dehydrated foods, if 
you have to carry the water to reconstitute dried foods, you might as well 
carry the cans of tuna, etc. This is worth consideration when you hike 
through the Mojave or maybe even along Hat Creek Rim where water is not 
readily available.

As others have mentioned though, please carry the empty cans out and dispose 
of them properly. 

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