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Re: [pct-l] Poncho made from Sil Nylon and covering the pack.

Marge, as for the slick silnylon material.  On a poncho you might put loops
in a couple of corners so that they can be pulled across the top of your
pack.  Or if you have a grommet at the corner, you could tie a loop of
chord.  Also, you probably sealed the thing with silicon sealant (Generel
Electric, Silicone II Window and Door sealer about 3.00 at your local
hardware, diluted half and half with paint thinner).  You can't use a
regular sealer with this material !!!  Try putting extra sealant in little
dots or strips or patches in the areas that you do not want it so slippery.
 It may sound like you will be adding a lot of weight - you wouldn't.   I
used a regular plastic kitchn spatula to spread some of the sealant very
thinnly in a grid pattern on the floor of my tent - worked great, just make
sure it is dry before rolling it up !


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