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Re: [pct-l] Poncho made from Sil Nylon and covering the pack.

Hi Joanne,
Thanks for the info on the poncho.

I really enjoyed your post(s) on the PCT and especially when you were up
at Anza "in the rain".
I still have sections B C & D to do in So. Calif. and would like to get
them out of the way this spring if possible.  Then I will be able to go
back in at Trail Pass Trail from Lonepine and continue a littlee more of
Calif.  I am also planning to be at  Lake Morena for the kick off.

  My hiking this summer all depends on my husbands health, he has
hardening of the aerterys and the Dr. say nothing else can be done. he
has been staggering a lot and has to walk with a cane due to not enough
blood reaching the brain.

We are trying an alternative Holistic type of medicine called Chelation,
you sit for 4 hours with a drip going into your arm. They give it in
Mexico and we are only 11 miles from the town of Algodonos.  So far we do
see improvement and he does not need the cane.  You are suppose to have
30 treatments.  It is suppose to clean out the placque in your veins. (I
was very skeptical, but if it works, who knows.)

Now. what is your opinion on using the poncho as a ground sheet also.   I
have a tarp tent with mosquito netting both ends copied from Henry
Shires.  No Floor however.  I have been using my old poncho which is a
coated material ( and was also my rain gear) and a little heavy plus a
piece of tyvek for the ground.

I would imagine if I did what you did with the spatula then I would not
slip and slide all over the place?  Tell me what you think.

On Wed, 1 Mar 2000 09:08:50 -0800 "Joanne Lennox" <goforth@cio.net>
>Marge, as for the slick silnylon material.  On a poncho you might put 
>in a couple of corners so that they can be pulled across the top of 
>pack.  Or if you have a grommet at the corner, you could tie a loop 
>chord.  Also, you probably sealed the thing with silicon sealant 
>Electric, Silicone II Window and Door sealer about 3.00 at your local
>hardware, diluted half and half with paint thinner).  You can't use a
>regular sealer with this material !!!  Try putting extra sealant in 
>dots or strips or patches in the areas that you do not want it so 
> It may sound like you will be adding a lot of weight - you wouldn't.  
> I
>used a regular plastic kitchn spatula to spread some of the sealant 
>thinnly in a grid pattern on the floor of my tent - worked great, just 
>sure it is dry before rolling it up !

Greg Prothman, Sr.
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