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Re: Error--->! Re: [pct-l] Dried Meats and dehydrated Foods

At 4:16 PM -0800 3/1/2000, Jim Owen wrote:
>On Wed, 1 Mar 2000 07:00:30 -0800 "(R.J. Calliger
>mailto:calliger@infolane.com )" <calliger@infolane.com> writes:
>If you know anyone who's done a 6 (or 5) month trip solely on FD I'd like
>to hear about it.

A diet of 6 months of FD is not healthy.  There is sufficent balance
when augmented at resupplys for 3 months of FD. At $10/day thats
about 300 permonth x 3 = 900. + resupply goodies every couple of
weeks = $1200.  Normal for home.

I have done 3 months of FD with some augmentation at layovers
of a day eating normal food. Lost 15 lbs but felt fine.  Now I don't
know if care to do 6 months of it but if I wanted to I would
add meat and veggies from stores along the way. May not
be purist way but objective is to have fun not kill yourself.

So in summary, FD had sufficient fat for LD hiking for
3 months for me with the burger and additions every few
weeks at resupply stores.  But it is still in error to say it
has zero fat which is misleading, Insufficient fat I would
agree with, for some people.


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