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[pct-l] Mountaineering Invitation...

Sorry if this is a duplicate post, my server went bonkers and I am in the
middle of the desert trying to send emails on my cell phone and the
wind is going at 50 mph!!

You are invited to join....

                                     25 January 2000

            Announcement of the LOMAP-PCS-FORUM List.


LOMAP-PCS-FORUM is the official discussion list of the
Peak Climbing Section of the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club.
The purpose of the LOMAP-PCS-FORUM list is to facilitate free and uncensored
electronic discussion and communication among subscribers. This service is
free of charge, courtesy of the Sierra Club.  It is intended to serve PCS
members and
other interested mountain climbers, but anyone may subscribe and post messages
to this list. The PCS is a group of mountain climbers. Our personal
interests cover just
about every imaginable form of wilderness travel. We range in age from those
barely out of high school to those who take advantage of the senior discount
at their favorite restaurant.  We're pure beginners, veterans of Himalayan
expeditions, and climbers of every experience level in between. Most of us live
in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our focus is nontechnical ascents of peaks,
mostly, but certainly not limited to, the Sierra Nevada. We also do, as seen in
our trip reports, technical ascents of varying degrees of interest and

LOMAP-PCS-FORUM is an unmoderated discussion forum managed by Sierra Club
volunteers from the PCS. We encourage you to actively participate in this
forum, let others know about it, come along on trips, and join the Sierra
Club if you are not already a member.

Just click on the mailto below and send any message:


You will then be subscribed (after replying to a LISTSERV-sent
confirmmation request.)

Included in the subscription information are instructions on how to
if you care to leave the list.

Please forward this email to any other mountaineers or climbing lists you know
of that may be interested ..thank you.

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