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Re: [nct-l] This list

I am still  here. I also would like to see the list active again.

Just for a starter topic how about trail fees and permits. I there any way we as a group could get some sort of a permit/pass etc. for hiking in restricted/fee areas? One area  which comes to mind is the Pictured Rocks trail. A permit is required but obtaining a permit is difficult for someone hiking more trail than just that designated trail. The office is only open limited hours and they want a strict itinerary which is difficult with an extended hike. I can see where you could get to the permit office at 5:01 PM and not being able to obtain a permit until 9:00 AM. So what do you do? Sleep in the parking lot or take your chances on getting caught w/o a permit.  I am sure that there are several areas where this is a problem. Perhaps it would be possible to get an off trail permit via phone or have a self registration system w/ a NCT membership. Any other ideas?

I would like to see a discussion on topics like the above instead of which is the best stove, filter, tent etc. Also guns and cell phones have been beat to death.

Gordon Lachniet

Patrick Loomis wrote:

One reason for low activity could be the lack of a direct sign-up link on the backcountry.net website.  Probably not very many people have actually taken the time and effort to figure out how to subscribe.  Just so we have an idea of how many people are really on this list, (I consider fifteen to twenty active members the minimum to keep a list interesting)  why doesn't everyone who receives this message make a post to this list and we can all see how many there are. Thanks,    Pat Loomis