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[nct-l] Quite a welcome to the list...

Well, I have to admit that when I signed up on this list I expeced some sort 
of discussion about hiking in general and the NCT in particular. Instead I 
find a load of posts from R.J. Calliger complaining about excessive posting 
on someone else's part. Just today 3 of the 5 posts on the list are his. I 
haven't read all the recipe posts myself, but at least someone is taking the 
time to write something.

Since RJ seems so bent on providing arguments on the appropriateness of these 
posts, let me respond in kind - and in order.

Claiming stoves to be mandatory and food to be optional is patently 

Testifying that 'no one carries' hot dog buns is over-reaching, and wrong 
(I've walked several hundred miles of the AT this year - hot dog buns 
travelled plenty of those).

Asking someone to stop posting recipes "before she gets a listmaster in 
hotwater", then turning around and claiming "STOP and DESIST these receipes 
now....there must be someplace I can report you..and I will find it" is 
duplicitous at best.

Pointing out that a cook made "subtle mods" is like 'discovering' that hikers 
poop in the woods. Not much of a secret, and so apparent that it isn't worthy 
of attention. If Someone wants to go through the trouble of converting a home 
kitchen recipe into something you can make in camp, bless them.

I'm off to hike for the next couple weeks, and I truly hope that Linda, or 
whoever feels the need to share, does so. When I get back from California I'd 
like to hear about hikes you all have taken or are going to. I'd like to ask 
some questions about the NCT in preparation of a possible thruhike next year. 
And yes, I'd like some recipes to consider for future trips.

Play nice folks, and if you don't like the game, take your keyboard and go 
Happy Trails, joel

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