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[nct-l] Quite a welcome to the list...

I've tried to refrain from entering this discussion, but recently have been unable to resist the urge to comment.

In my opinion, there is nothing inappropriate about the content of Linda's messages.  Contributing recipes for other trail users to prepare is admirable.  My only concern is that the frequency and manner of Linda's communication can be overwhelming at times.

Perhaps a compromise can be reached.  Instead of posting each recipe individually, would Linda be willing to post several recipes in one message?  Possibly, she could pick a day each week to send the recipes.  This way we could all look forward to (hypothetically) Monday when we get our weekly fix of trail recipes.

And so people don't wrongly think I'm trying to be a censor, I want it to be clear that I'm not asking Linda to alter the content of her messages.  I'm simply suggesting that she modify the way in which it is delivered.

James Partridge
Ann Arbor, MI