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[nct-l] An Introduction & Apology

BlankMy screen name is Linda (AKA gothicgirl69_us@yahoo.com). I am 49 =
yrs old, I am the mother of 2 beautiful, intelligent, down-to-earth...I =
could go on...young women with whom I was blessed by God. I raised my =
girls to be independent thinkers & to strive for leadership, but be able =
to follow when it was necessary. I taught & raised my girls with a firm =
foundation & belief in God. I raised them alone (without financial =
assistance from Ex or family. I am a first-time grandmother of a =
handsome 18 mth grandson!!!!
I'm a Registered Nurse, specializing in Critical Care/Intensive care =
Nursing & the Emergency Room.
I love to hike & camp! I was born to. Ha! I started camping when I was =
12, I loved it so much that my mom cut my hair, & signed a permission =
sheet (trustingly & unwittingly), & I joined BSA as a boy! (I already =
was 'dressed like one' (I was told).
Well, in my short stay (eventually was discovered & kicked out) I got a =
few patches (cooking was 1; guess what some of the others were!) ;)  Got =
my self many camping & backpacking trips (learning thru the BSA the =
outdoor skills I wanted & needed to learn! Thank you, BSA!!!!) (Patches =
were taken away.) :(
BTW, the GSA back then, in my area, thought that it was appropriate for =
the older girls, not the younger girls, to "participate in the outdoors =
on that advanced level." I did join GSA (after my punishment) =
eventually; hiked/camped with them, became a GS leader @ 18, trainer @ =
20. GSA has given me strong female role models * helped complete my =
development into womanhood. Yea GSA!!!!!!
I've been canoeing, a little kayaking, & hiking since. I've camped/hiked =
the beach & the desert & in the snow; in the spring, summer, & fall. No =
thru hikes as "thru", but if the sections added up, then yes, 2 thru =
hikes. I've section hiked the AT & the PCT. (I want to do them all) :) =
Total miles: Thru all the years, greater than 5000 miles! I've =
canoe-hiked, horsepacked; & 1 summer, took a wagontrain trip! It was =
great! Once was enough for me. Ha! ;) I was trying to learn to fish. =
That's on the backburner now.
I started cooking (actually baking) when I was a little girl - made my =
first loaf of bread. I've been cooking & baking since. Thanks, BSA!! =
They taught me outdoor cooking skills. :)
My dream hike, what I yearn to... I feel like I can not safely share =
with the 'family' as a whole. Individuals, yes.
My last section hike was just a few weeks ago. I would like to have =
shared with the 'family', and since I am feeling - acutely harassed by a =
marginal minority, I can't.
I wish to make a public apology for my ignorance in computer etiquette.
My genuine apology to all of you, including the moderators! I truly =
regret, I am ashamed & embarrassed for ignorantly involving all of you. =
You truly are a wonderful family, that I had started to feel apart of. I =
hope you will be able to forgive me.
Thank you!

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