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Re: [ft-l] Re: Joan Hobson is getting ready...

Because she wears 6 layers of clothes (including 2 wool layers) for hiking
here in Florida.  Always wears long pants and long-sleeved shirts.  In other
words, she is always cold.  Joan talked to me several months ago about doing
a van-supported AT thru, starting in VA in early April. Knowing how she
freezes in Florida, I just sat there for a minute with my mouth open. I then
politely suggested she might want to re-think her start date.

BTW, Chet Fromm is the fourth journal writer included in Rick's book.


> Well "Long Distance Backpacking the Florida Trail" has three other
> FT memoirs besides Rick's...it has Joan's, Jon Phipps', and ? (name
> escapes me right now).  And on the front cover, it gives Joan's trailname
> as "Igloo."  I've been wondering how that name came about.  Anyone know?

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