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Re: [ft-l] Ocala Trail Conditions

All of the trail through the Ocala is in good shape.  Our Chapter's been
doing maintenance in the Rodman Area and between Alexander Springs and
Juniper Springs and you should have no problems.  The area Sandy's referring
to with the blow downs is just south of Hidden Pond in the Juniper
Wilderness.  We cleaned it up a lot last fall and this fall.  Still some
trees on the ground but no more "lincoln log" effect and easy to step over.
(Being wilderness it all has to be done by hand and it takes a while).  The
USFS has started putting map signs along the trail.  The first few are in
place around Buck Lake and they are really nice. BTW, as of Jan 1, both Buck
Lake and Farles Lake are fee camping areas.  The water from the pump at
Farles is probably the worst tasting in the forest, better to filter from
the lake, but the water from the pump at Buck Lake is some of the best I've
ever tasted (on the blue blaze around the eastern side of the lake.)
Anything specific questions, let me know.

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