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Re: [ft-l] Ocala Trail Conditions


Just hiked the section from Salt Springs to Buck Lake--the trail is in
excellent shape!   But I still HATE those clear cut areas!!!  :(  :( 
Juniper Wilderness isn't too bad, i.e. the blow downs.   Keeps the bicycles
off...........Just one teeny tiny suggestion from someone who has trouble
not tripping over her own feet.......   When your volunteers are lopping on
the trail, could they throw the clippings off the footpath??????    I kept
getting my feet tangled up in the scrub oak clippings.   It's hard to 
impress the rest of your hiking companions that you are a seasoned
backpacker if you keep tripping!!!!!

I do want to go back and camp at Hidden Pond, that is a beautiful place.  
I wqould also suggest that you filter the water at Hopkins Prairie, when we
were there, there were people washing their hair right under the pump,

in Sunny So FLA
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