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[ft-l] The time has come to hit the trail...

Well, the time has come to hit the trail!!!  Rick Guhse has finally talked me into taking an adventurous backpacking trip on the Florida Trail through sections 16 (partial), 17, 18 and maybe even 19.  The plan is flexible and I realize that we may have to swim parts of the trail.  As long as the Orange Blazes are above the water line, we'll be ok.  Lots of convenience stores and restaurants are "of course" in the plan :^)
Does anyone have any last minute reports on these sections?  I know this takes some of the fun out of it, but...
Also, for those of you who send me lot of E-mail, I will not be able to check my E-mail during this time out on the trail.  I promise to sort through the mess when I get back :-(
Thanks, Jeff Walters
psssss.. Sandy, you're in charge of the mailing list while I'm gone..