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Re: [ft-l] Let's talk rain!

With central Florida being mild most of the year, I usually take along a
cheap poncho just to keep myupper body relatively dry. If I know it is
going to be a colder day, I also take along a ripstop nylon rain jacket for
under the poncho. They are light and compact. The poncho has a short
lifetime, but it is cheap and easily replaced in many stores. I don't worry
about lower body protection from the rain.
- Carl

On Sat, 2 Jan 1999, Jeff Walters wrote:

> I don't exactly "always" bring up a gear topic, but at times I like to ask more experienced hikers and backpackers what they use for certain situations.  In particular, I've been interested in seeing what various hikers (cold and warm weather hikers) use for rain protection???  Maybe this is because there is no perfect solution other than to just get wet <grin>???  What do you'all use for rain gear???
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