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[ft-l] Re:Let's talk rain!

 "Jeff Walters" <jeffjw@geocities.com> writes while
>I don't exactly "always" bring up a gear topic, but at times I like to
ask more experienced hikers and backpackers what they use for certain
situations.  In particular, I've been interested in seeing what various
hikers (cold and warm weather hikers) use for rain 
>protection???  Maybe this is because there is no perfect solution other
than to just get wet <grin>???  What do you'all use for rain  gear?

Warm type rain - The Indian way - naked. Keeping wet clothing on will
chill you faster than with none.

Cold type rain - I use ECWCS - Extended Cold Weather Clothing System.
It's Gore-Tex, military type. I can walk for many hours without getting
wet. Parka and pants can be vented, so don't get overheated. 
If  I stop, don't get chilled. I don't use gatiers. You know how
sometimes you walk thru wet fields, after a rain? I use the pants to do

Boots, I never buy Gortex lined. I use Gortex socks, like Rockies or
SealSkinz, boots wear out, still got socks...............

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