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[ft-l] Introduction

I have no idea how active this list is, but thought it would be
appropriate to introduce myself.

My name is Jim Wellborn.
I live in the Crystal River, Florida area.  I am very involved with a
local Boy Scout Troop.  As such, my outdooring activities are pretty
well defined by the planning and activities of the Troop.

I live near a portion of the Florida Trail that goes through the
Withlacoochee Forest between here and Inverness.  As of yet, I haven't
even gone through that portion of the trail, but plan to do several (if
needed) day hikes now that the cooler weather is here.

Anyone on this list live near-by?

The closest FTA group appears to be the Crackers out of
Gainesville-Ocala area.  Any members that can give me additional
information about Cracker outings, work hikes, meetings etc. are
welcomeed and requested to let me know.

Thanks.  Happy New Year to all.

Jim Wellborn
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