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[ft-l] Backpacker website poll

I would like to add that most people seem to have had a "run-in" with the
mountain bikers.  These "run-ins" are predominately the minority of mtb'ers
that are inconsiderate, oafs; and they should not be taken as a
representation of mountain bikers as a whole.  Just as all hikers are not
vagabonds at intersections (those guys often have packs as well), most
mtb'ers are responsible, volunteer oriented, polite users when encountered
on multi-use trails.  Part of being considerate is to ride or hike or horse
the properly designated trail.
I would also add, that there are just as many intolerant hikers and
horseback riders as their are mtb'ers.  Efforts should be made on
everyone's part, in conjunction with land owners to provide recreational
activities for all the groups.