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[ft-l] Re: COLD!

phase one is complete. We now have a longer, wetter trail... but it is nicer
too. Doug
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From: Mark Nickerson <mark@nickpvb.com>
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Date: Friday, January 24, 2003 1:32 PM
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>Whatever happened to, or is happening with the Kissimmee River
>restoration?  That was supposed return the River to it natural bends and
>lead to a nicer, albeit longer Florida Trail.
>Mark Nickerson
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>From: <TheSwampBlar@aol.com>
>The real shame is that the dead orange grove areas in Florida usually
>get turned into new subdivisions or shopping malls full of people,
>instead of back into the natural Longleaf Pine and other native forests
>that they once were...
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