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[ft-l] gear reviews & free gear too!

Fellow backpackers,

I want to invite you to visit www.backpackgeartest.org  On this site you
will find comprehensive reviews of all types of gear related to hiking
and backpacking.  Also, please extend this invitation to all your
friends as well (feel free to repost this on AT-L or any other listserv
you feel is appropriate).

Oh yes, I can't forget the best part... join BGT and get free gear!
How, you ask?  Easy!  Complete details are on the website under "how to
become a tester".  But here's the short version:  First, sign-up and
review at least 2 pieces of gear you have.  Then you're eligible to
participate in tests, and they're easy too:  When a test call is posted
to the group, apply.  5 people will be selected and sent the piece of
gear, brand new directly from the manufacturer.  Use the gear for 6
months, writing 3 reviews for it over that time.  At the end of the 6
months, the gear is yours.  Your only cost is time, and most of that
time is testing the gear, which you do while you're out using it anyway!

Just as an example, I joined about a year ago and have tested and now
own for free the following gear:  A Victorinox "Tinker" Swiss Army
Knife, a Princeton Tec Swtichback waterproof headlamp, a Deluxe
Ultralight model Clark Jungle Hammock, and a pair of Bite hiking sandals
by Trail Lo.  So you can see there is a wide variety of gear, including
high end ultra-light stuff (my free hammock's MSRP is $269) such as
sleeping bags & pads, tents, packs, clothing, stoves, lights, and too
many other things to mention here!  And for anyone further north who
likes winter backpacking, we test winter gear too (during the winter
time, of course)!

Also, if you check the web site and still have questions, feel free to
e-mail me.  If I don't have an answer I'll get one from another BGT
member who does.  Thanks!

John F. Meyer, Jr.      jfm@johnmeyer.net      http://www.johnmeyer.net/
MSN:jfm@... Yahoo,Odigo,Jabber,AT&T:jmeyer43 ICQ:176593636 AOL:jmeyer043