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[ft-l] Re: COLD!

Yeah, well there's along story involved here too, about property boundary
disputes and a fence that got put in the wrong place (on purpose) which took 2
years to put right....

The flooding Sandy experienced is not normal for that area (last year at this
time it was high and dry), but probably can be expected during El Nino seasons,
tropical storms and other extraordinary rain events.  As far as moving the trail
is concerned, there's really nowhere left to move it in that area- west of the
fence is private property (not! for sale) and on the east there's the river.
East of the river may one day be a possibility, but not yet.

Meantime, god willin' and the Kissimmee River don't rise (again), we should be
able to pass through there with nothing more than a little mud on our boots.


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> and
> lead to a nicer, albeit longer Florida Trail.

>From my experience, it's led to a Florida Trail that's currently under water,
out in the currents of the Kissimmee River! I'm hoping that once the river
goes down, we take a hard look at the route and decide whether it needs to be
moved. But it IS a beautiful thing to see the Kissimmee wild and free rather
than in a ditch....it's just not so beautiful to have it soaking through your
hiking clothes when it's 40* outside.

Cheers, Sandy
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