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[ft-l] Cool hiking tag

I got the COOLEST Christmas present tonight from my husband.  (I bugged him to show me because I THOUGHT I knew where he had been tonight).
It's a license plate with a picture that I had of me and my dog on the FT on my first 5 day hike.  It also says Trailtalker on one side of the picture.  It is AWSOME.
We were at the mall last night looking through some speacialty tags because I had been wanting one with a nice outdoor scene to put my  trail name on.  When my husband asked about it, the salesman told him to bring him a picture to lazer onto the tag.  I had no idea that it would look just like the picture.  I was expecting some type of outline or something.  
Just thought I'd throw it out to ya'll just in case you didn't know they made them and are looking to buy a neat gift for a hiking friend.
It was at one of those kiosks in the Seminole Mall that sells personalized tags.  There was no advertising or display to let you know that they could do this.  My husband said that now they DO have a display and it's of a girl hiking with her dog. 
Happy Holidays,

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