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[ft-l] Stove fuel on the FT

I use a Primus backpacking stove that takes 7.8 oz canisters of propane/butane mix. Does anyone have an idea that these are available on the trail between Christmas and Penscola?
I can't mail them so if you know of any towns that have them for sure than I can plan to pick them up as I go. Any info about this is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  Well, it looks like we'll be headed south to the Big O.  There is a hike already set for that area on the days we were planning to hike, so I guess it was meant to be...
  Thanks everybody!

   Or, you could hike 1/2 of the Big O, no permit required, and a few other people will be out there doing it too...

  Cheers, Sandy 

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