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[ft-l] American Hiking Society's Paperless Trail - April 2003

FYI below from the American Hiking Society.


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American Hiking Society's PAPERLESS TRAIL for April 2003 includes:
1. Did you know?
2. AHS opens office in Chattanooga, TN
3. Trails.com on AHS' webpage
4. Volunteer of the Year
5. Take Pride in America
6. Paperless Trail Info

1***** Did you know? *****1

Did you know that National Trails Day evolved from the report of President
Ronald Reagan's President's Commission on Americans Outdoors.  In 1987, it
recommended that all Americans be able to go out their front doors and
within fifteen minutes be on a trail.
Coinciding with our current administrations attention to healthy lifestyles
this year's National Trails Day theme is "Healthy Trails, Healthy People."
Get outside on June 7th and celebrate our trails and their positive impact
on our mental and physical health.
To find or register for an event go to

2***** AHS opens office in Chattanooga, TN *****2

The AHS office located just outside of Washington, DC can now be referred
to as the headquarters of AHS.  Why?  Because riding on the success of last
year's Southeast Regional Foot Trails Conference, AHS is pleased to
announce the opening of the first regional office in Chattanooga, TN.

Our newest staff member, Jeffrey Hunter, will take the reins as the
Southeast Trails Project Manager working on establishing and protecting a
network of foot trails in the southeast.

3***** AHS launching custom "Trail Finder" on web site *****3

Got Trails? American Hiking Society's Hiker's Info Center does!

In an on-going effort to provide you the most accurate and comprehensive
hiking trail information in North America, AHS and its partner Trails.com
will be integrating a custom "Trail Finder" directly on AHS's web site,
wwwAmericanHiking.org, launching in mid-May. All visitors will have access
to Hiking, Snow Sports and Travel trail related content. Because all of the
content comes from over 800 professionally-authored guidebooks, a
subscription is required to use all of the sites capabilities. A Trail
Finder subscription is less than $30 a year (day and monthly subscriptions
also available) and includes access to 30,000 trail descriptions, unlimited
topo maps, 10 eTrail? guidebook chapter downloads and much more. And the
best part is 25% of your subscription is donated back to AHS!

If you haven't tried the Trail Finder, what are you waiting for? If you
have and enjoyed your experience, tell a friend. You next ridgeline hike is
only a click away!

4***** Volunteer of the Year *****4

If you know of a volunteer who has made a significant impact on a trail
this year there is still time to make a nomination for Volunteer of the
Year!  The award acknowledges the nation's top volunteers based on their
contributions to trail maintenance and improvements.
Sponsored by Hi-Tec Outdoor Footwear, each winner will receive a special
framed certificate, a Volunteer of the Year T-shirt, a copy of "Get
Outside!" (a directory of volunteer opportunities across America), and a
pair of Hi-Tec boots.  Each nominator will receive a pair of Thorlos socks.
Make your nominations by May 1 at

5***** Take Pride in America *****5

American Hiking Society has become a launch partner in the Take Pride in
America campaign, revived by the Bush Administration.

The initiative will work with nonprofit and business partners to engage
volunteers in protecting our nation's public lands.  As a vehicle to
promote volunteerism, the initiative will help AHS programs such as
Volunteer Vacations and Volunteer of the Year.
For more information check out http://www.takepride.gov

6***** Paperless Trail Info *****6

You are receiving this email as a benefit of your membership in American
Hiking Society. You will receive one email update per month, containing
notifications of new or upcoming American Hiking Society programs.  If you
do not wish to receive this email, simply reply to this e-mail.

Proud support for American Hiking Society provided by the following
Business Partners:
National Trails Day Sponsors-Hi-Tec, Thorlos, Backpacker Magazine,
Galyan's, REI, Eastern Mountain Sports, Tender Corporation, makers of
Natrapel, and Snowshoe Mountain.
Volunteer Vacation Sponsors-Galyan's, Hi-Tec and Backpacker's Pantry

Please support those who support our trails.


American Hiking Society
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Silver Spring MD 20910
Tel (301) 565-6704

As the national voice for America's hikers, American Hiking Society
promotes and protects foot trails and the hiking experience.
~ Making strides in the trail community since 1976 ~

Erika Habersaat
Membership Coordinator
American Hiking Society
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