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[ft-l] Split Oak Panorama and a New Hobby

Well, it looks like I found a new hobby... creating 360 degree panoramas.
It's just another expansion of my Website Design business at
http://www.jjwdesign.com/.  I know, that's a blatant business plug... but
since I moderate this list, I can get away with it. ;)

I thought I'd share the 360 panorama of the famous Split Oak, just South
East of Orlando, Florida.  It's an amazing tree and well worth the hike;
even with a tripod and camera bag.  The photo's don't do it justice IMHO,
you have to see it close up to admire it properly.  But, for those who are
disabled or can not make the hike... click on the link below.

Split Oak

I've also taken some other 360 degree panoramas from other locations around
Central Florida.  My plan is to try to take some others of remote places
such as Hidden Pond in the Ocala National Forest; maybe even create a CD Rom
for sale... who knows...

Other Panoramas

Now that I've passed thru the whole ultra-lightweight backpacking "phase", I
can finally get back to the reason I started backpacking... taking
photographs.  I'm not sure if my digital camera is considered
ultra-lightweight....hmmm... maybe if I cut off the flash...LOL.  Just

Jeff Walters
JJW Web Design

Oh, and btw... there were a couple of interests in the canoe.  I don't have
a good picture, but here a bad one.  You can see the canoe behind the flat
boat.  It's still for sale.