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[ft-l] Radisson Canoe for Sale

Desperate times have caused desperate measures.  I've sold my Jeep last
month, and now it's time to sell the canoe.  Of course, the canoe goes
second.  I figured I'd post it for sell to this list before I spend the $40
for the Orlando Slantintel.  Feel free to pass this information onto others.

Canoe for Sale - $200 - Central Florida

Radisson Canoe
Aluminum/Foam Frame
Very light for a Canoe
Foam is good for fishing - reduces noise.
2 Boat Seats and 1 Foam Seat
2 Special Orrs (Can be used as rowing paddles)
Up to 4 People (2 parents & 2 kids easily)

You have to see it!  $200 o.b.o.

Contact me, Jeff Walters, at jeff@jjwdesign.com or call 407-240-4957.