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[ft-l] Thru-Hiking the Florida Trail

Good Luck on your hike. Our family provides hiker services in the Okeechobee
area. We had 8 thruhikers stay in 2001 and 6 in 2002. We look forward to
hearing from you when you are in our area. The trails are in good shape and
the weather promises to be good. It is 70 outside tonight but will be 45
tomorrow night. If you need any information on the area north of Lake
Okeechobee, let me know. I am the section leader for that 40 mile section.
Doug McCoy, dlmccoy@okeechobee.com
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Date: Saturday, November 16, 2002 12:53 PM
Subject: [ft-l] Thru-Hiking the Florida Trail

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>I live up in the cold woods of Vermont, and am coming down to Florida in
>January to excape. :-) I'm planning on thru-hiking the Florida Trail.
>I just recieved some informational pamphlets and informational sheets in
>mail today, and am waiting for the data book, companion guide, and
>to arrive. Once I get my books, I'll have a better idea of how and what to
>I'm a little nervous about hiking the FT by myself. I hiked the 270 mile
>Trail in Vermont by myself this fall, and loved it! However, the FT isn't
>developed or well-marked. It's also quite a bit more out in the middle of
>Is anybody else going to thru-hike the FT starting this January? Do you
>a hiking partner? :-)
>I'm 18, female, and generally non-grumpy. I'm pretty darn flexible about a
>schedule, with one exception - I'm doing the AT, and want to get to Georgia
>sometime in April.
>Lets see... I like to cook, and even bring an oven with me on the trail. My
>packweight is generally around 35 pounds with full food and water. I'm not
>big milage hog, although one of these days I'd like to see if I can do 30
>miles in one day and live. :-) I generally go for 12-15ish.
>I've hung out in Florida for months at a time, but have never done much
>hiking there. I'm not sure how far I'll want to, or even can go, in sand
>To see what I did before, go to <A
tead.com</A> Go to
>the journals and pictures section. It will give you a better idea of what
>I have no preference as to who and what you are, as long as you're nice.
>E-mail me on the list, or privately at Royalepain @ Aol .com
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