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[ft-l] Jonathan Dickinson

Hello all,
   I went camping in J. Dickinson this Friday/ Saturday and was able to
squeeze out of there before the storms came through. The trail was nice and
dry, saw a plethora of animal tracks across the sand, which is one thing I
like about hiking in sand. I was also pretty impressed by the trail. Me
being primarily a muck hiker, I liked how there were bridges over any ditch
where muck might be possible. Let's you keep your feet dry.
  I suppose the only bad thing was that I did not bring any protection from
mosquitoes, so at the time when the sunset I was pretty much a prisoner of
my tent until sunrise. The ranger told me that I should eat a lot of vitamin
B for 2 weeks before I go camping next time, can anyone confirm this?
  On a side note, those weatherforecasters are really horrible, I think they
should spend some time outdoors and get a better feel for the enviornment:)
Peace and P0000p

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