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[ft-l] Thru-Hiking the Florida Trail

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I live up in the cold woods of Vermont, and am coming down to Florida in
January to excape. :-) I'm planning on thru-hiking the Florida Trail.

I just recieved some informational pamphlets and informational sheets in the
mail today, and am waiting for the data book, companion guide, and membership
to arrive. Once I get my books, I'll have a better idea of how and what to

I'm a little nervous about hiking the FT by myself. I hiked the 270 mile Long
Trail in Vermont by myself this fall, and loved it! However, the FT isn't as
developed or well-marked. It's also quite a bit more out in the middle of

Is anybody else going to thru-hike the FT starting this January? Do you want
a hiking partner? :-)

I'm 18, female, and generally non-grumpy. I'm pretty darn flexible about a
schedule, with one exception - I'm doing the AT, and want to get to Georgia
sometime in April.

Lets see... I like to cook, and even bring an oven with me on the trail. My
packweight is generally around 35 pounds with full food and water. I'm not a
big milage hog, although one of these days I'd like to see if I can do 30
miles in one day and live. :-) I generally go for 12-15ish.

I've hung out in Florida for months at a time, but have never done much
hiking there. I'm not sure how far I'll want to, or even can go, in sand and

To see what I did before, go to <A HREF="www.HeathersHikingHiatus.Homestead.com">www.HeathersHikingHiatus.Homestead.com</A> Go to
the journals and pictures section. It will give you a better idea of what I'm

I have no preference as to who and what you are, as long as you're nice. :-)

E-mail me on the list, or privately at Royalepain @ Aol .com