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[ft-l] Professional Job?

How true.  You'd think they were working on a car.  Of course, if the site
looks bad and the professionals fix it most people will be happy the FTA
hired pros because they'll never know.

Nevertheless, I must ask again.  Why don't the big hiking clubs get together
(with their similar missions) and develop a portal for ALL clubs.  Or is
this a idea the USFS, Backpacker Magazine, or an entrepreneur would need to

I would love a site that I could log a variety of trail reports, maintenance
hours worked and miles hiked regardless of the trail or the club.  I would
love to have consistently formatted trail information for different parts of
the country.  I've hiked on business trips and on vacation in eight
different states.  It was quite a challenge to find the information

Mark Nickerson

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Personally I don't believe the present handling of the website is being
handled professionally at all. Why render the original website totally
useless while redesigning and testing is being done on a new one. I work in
and teach in the IT field and I have never seen a change over handled
"professionally" in this manner. Would it not have been more "professional"
for the whole website to have been moved to its new host in its entirety and
make any link changes that were necessary? Then when the new site is
finished and tested, upload it and off you go. Then the free flow of
information about the FTA on the web would have only been interrupted for a
short time instead of weeks! Can you imagine the uproar if this was the
website for the AT?? Professional planning? I think not.

Have my spf on so, Flame on!

Brad Grant

New member but I am going to be around for a while.

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