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[ft-l] Professional Job?

This is a good idea, Mark and would really be helpful to so many.  
Getting all those folks to agree on one format would be a challenge! 

Several years ago I contacted the Ice Age Trail office to get information
on Wisconsin hiking trails and got back several hand drawn "maps" with
road directions to trail heads which were a challenge to find on the
ground.  The trails themselves were marked with multi-colored blazes, fun
to try to hike but very different from FT policy of mapping and blazing
(even back then in the dark ages of the late 80's).   I think I like the
variety, actually, in this time of universal (network induced?) US

Nancy Gildersleeve

> Nevertheless, I must ask again.  Why don't the big hiking clubs get 
> together
> (with their similar missions) and develop a portal for ALL clubs.  

. .. I 
> would
> love to have consistently formatted trail information for different 
> parts of
> the country.  I've hiked on business trips and on vacation in eight
> different states.  It was quite a challenge to find the information
> required!
> Mark Nickerson