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[ft-l] Professional Job?

Personally I don't believe the present handling of the website is being =
handled professionally at all. Why render the original website totally =
useless while redesigning and testing is being done on a new one. I work =
in and teach in the IT field and I have never seen a change over handled =
"professionally" in this manner. Would it not have been more =
"professional" for the whole website to have been moved to its new host =
in its entirety and make any link changes that were necessary? Then when =
the new site is finished and tested, upload it and off you go. Then the =
free flow of information about the FTA on the web would have only been =
interrupted for a short time instead of weeks! Can you imagine the =
uproar if this was the website for the AT?? Professional planning? I =
think not.=20

Have my spf on so, Flame on!

Brad Grant

New member but I am going to be around for a while.

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