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[ft-l] Corbett and Dupuis

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I've been considering doing that hike for quite some time and did some plan=
ning for it a while back. Attached below is an email I received from Bert T=
rammell who is (was) the SFWMD representative that oversees DuPuis. I spoke=
 to him on the phone as well. The only water available is surface water whi=
ch you'll need to filter/treat. The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Co=
mmission produces a map (for hunters) that shows the FT in the J.W. Corbet =
WMA and also access roads (grades) that cross the FT. Copies were available=
 at the Youth Camp. I was thinking that with prior preparation, and a 4 whe=
el drive vehicle, one could cache water at select locations in advance. Of =
course retrieving the containers on completion. I was at the Youth Camp abo=
ut 3 weeks ago and can confirm it was indeed wet.

Please keep me posted on how the hike goes, I'd still like to do it, but Oc=
t is already full for me.

Best of Luck
Mike Knecht

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From: Bert Trammell [mailto:btramme@sfwmd.gov]
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2000 5:11 PM
To: Knecht, Michael; mwjmknecht@msn.com
Subject: Re: DuPuis Reserve

No additional wells have been put in.  The only manual-type well we have is=
 at the Governor's House site.  It works only part of the time and its wate=
r is not potable. You'll want to carry all your drinking water.  I'd also s=
uggest you consider how wet we are when planning your hike.  Call us before=
hand, we can give you an idea.  924-5310.

"Knecht, Michael" wrote:

   Bert,The trail map I have for DuPuis indicates that wells are planned. W=
ere wells ever added and if so at what sites? I'm considering doing the ful=
l hike Corbett WMA to DuPuis, other than making sure I'm outside of the hun=
ting season and having the required permits, are there any other precaution=
s or special preparations needed?Many ThanksMike Knecht mailto:mwjmknecht@m=