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[ft-l] Corbett and Dupuis

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>I'm looking at hiking either or both Corbett and Dupuis sometime during
October in between the various hunt dates. From what I've seen of photos of
Corbett, it's wet, wet, wet. Is it possible to hike from the Everglades
Camp to South Grade Road, putting a car at both ends? (Is South Grade Road
auto-accessible?) If so, is anyone game?

As for Dupuis, it looks like 15.3 miles around the outer edge of the four
loops. Is that doable in a day, or necessary to camp overnight at the 7.5
mile mark? Is it as wet as Corbett? Open prairie, treed, or a mix?

Yes Corbett is VERY wet.  But it is beautiful.  Lots of birds, flowers, &
butterflys,  You can drive a car down south grade its a dirt road, and not
always in the best of condition. but if you take it slow and easy, you'll
be ok.  I may join you if my health improves and if I can get the school
audits done.  I'll also get the word out to the chaper & you may have more

I suppose you can do DuPuis in one day, but it would be very tough.  It's a
lot of open prairie, with this strange grass    that has humps in it.  It
puts a lot of strain on you legs,  I think you should plan on staying

In Sunny So FLA