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[ft-l] overnighter

That's a nice hike. There's water at a big pond at that 6 mile site, as well
as scattered ponds along the way. You will need to treat all of it. I
haven't been up in months so it's possible some of the smaller ponds have
dried up...I don't know. Oh...and Juniper Springs charges a nominal fee for
parking but will be safer than other spots...plus a nice spring and showers
when you get back!

The only thing is that 6 mile site is to easy to reach...and during the
weekends there could be scouts or other campers there. My suggestion would
be to have an early dinner and wash there, treat and fill up your water
(assuming some one is there and you want your own place) and keep going for
a few miles choosing a site along the way. I have some fav. spots inside the
many oak islands found in the praries off the side of the trail. Trust
me...there are plenty of pleasant spots.


on 10/22/01 5:25 PM, josh bietenholz at josh_bietenholz@hotmail.com wrote:

> Hello List,
> Departing this Friday afternoon for an overnight hike with friends in the
> Ocala National Forest.  I would like to do about 15 miles (would like longer
> but wont get started till early Friday afternoon) along the FT.  Wondering if
> anyone could recommend a good place to park/hike for this kind of loop.  I
> thought Juniper Springs and head North, camp, continue North a few miles, and
> then just turn around.  According to the map, there is a primitive camp on a
> pond about 6 miles north of the parking.  Anyone with more information on this
> part of the trail?  water sources?  Any other recommendations?  Thanks a lot.
> I enjoy reading these posts.  Hopefully this list will grow and become more
> active too.
>      Josh
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