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[ft-l] Camping @ Alexander or Juniper

You can also rent canoes at Juniper Springs, see the attached link.  We
will be down again (from PA) in a few weeks and Juniper is one of our
favorite places for a short day hike and a paddle.


Also would appreciate any day hike recommendations from the list.  Got
some good advice last year - from Sandy I think - and hiked some of the
newly completed trails around Ocala.
Back to lurking, Thanks,

tamara jicha wrote:

> Alexander Springs rents canoes year round.  $10 for 2
> hrs., 12 dollars for 4 hrs., or $26 for a 7 mile trip,
> with a ride back.  They allow 3 per canoe as long as
> they're not over 14 yoa.  They also require a $20 cash
> deposit per canoe.  Rental can be made with a credit
> card.