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[ft-l] Foxahatchee(?)

I think you are looking for Fakhatchee Strand State Preserve. Clyde Butcher
has done some great photo work there. It is on US 41 between Miami and
Naples. I have never been there but Hiker's Guide to Florida says that there
is a 2000 ft boardwalk and no camping. It is a very wet place, especially
now, and i think staying on the boaardwalk would be required.
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Date: Sunday, November 18, 2001 1:09 PM
Subject: [ft-l] Foxahatchee(?)

>Hi all.
>A friend of mine sent me an article a few weeks ago from Photography
>about Foxahatchee Park or Land Preserve, or something.  I don't even know
>I'm spelling it right.  Anyway, from the photographs, it looks amazing and
>I'd love to check it out.  I can't find the article, and I would love more
>information about it.  Is anyone familiar with this place, like how to get
>there, how large it is, if camping is permitted, etc.  Thanks in advance.
>Kelly Sue
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