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[ft-l] Weekend hiking misadventures (Seminole & Wekiva)

#Since you asked, John, yes. There is a place you can get all 
#the hunting 
#dates for all WMAs, State Forest lands, and the like. Go to:
#Check the lists for your particular region. Every hunt date is 
#listed for 
#every public land, and it's all up to date. A *VERY* important 
#hiker resource.

Thanks.  That will help.

#Sorry you didn't know about Wekiva Springs. They had an 
#infestation of the 
#southern pine beetle and the trails have been closed (aka 
#trashed, at this 
#point) since May. A work group from the Central Chapter will 
#be clearing 
#Seminole State Forest trails next Saturday.

I've never seen what pine beetles do, but I've heard they're bad news.
That definitely explains the restoration.

#Yes, the Tampa Reprographics maps are the same as the FTA maps 
#sold on the 
#website. All date to 1999. Deb Blick is busy updating the map set. I'm 
#helping out a little updating some of the loop trails. I'll be 
#doing Rock 
#Springs Run after hunting season is over; don't know if I'll 
#get a chance to 
#get back into Wekiva this year.

Well, I guess I'll drop her a note that the Wekiva Springs Rd is
mislabeled on that map.  Unfortuately, there are only 2 loop trails
within an hour of where I am, so accessibility will make it hard for me
to get involved as much as I'd like.

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