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[ft-l] Weekend hiking misadventures (Seminole & Wekiva)

So glad to see all the trip reports for the weekend! 

Since you asked, John, yes. There is a place you can get all the hunting 
dates for all WMAs, State Forest lands, and the like. Go to:


Check the lists for your particular region. Every hunt date is listed for 
every public land, and it's all up to date. A *VERY* important hiker resource.

Sorry you didn't know about Wekiva Springs. They had an infestation of the 
southern pine beetle and the trails have been closed (aka trashed, at this 
point) since May. A work group from the Central Chapter will be clearing 
Seminole State Forest trails next Saturday.

Yes, the Tampa Reprographics maps are the same as the FTA maps sold on the 
website. All date to 1999. Deb Blick is busy updating the map set. I'm 
helping out a little updating some of the loop trails. I'll be doing Rock 
Springs Run after hunting season is over; don't know if I'll get a chance to 
get back into Wekiva this year.

Cheers, Sandy