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[ft-l] Weekend hiking misadventures (Seminole & Wekiva)

Actually, the TRS Tampa maps are NOT the same as the maps FTA is selling in
the regional map packets.

TRS Tampa agreed to continue selling the individual maps as long as they
have stock.  Those maps are dated 1999 on the front.

The FTA maps, now sold only in regional packets, have been updated with info
provided to the FTA through August 2000.  These are dated September, 2000 on
the front and all have a revision date of 07/00 on the back.

The next set of maps will be updated with info received by FTA through May
2002.  They will be published in the fall of 2002.  These maps will show the
actual revision date on the back.  For example, if no changes are made on an
individual map they will still show a revision date of 07/00.  If changes
have been made that revision date will be changed to 07/02.  Beginning in
2002 you will probably also see some major changes in the look of the maps
based on the results of the FTA Map Survey which I am presently conducting.

Deb Blick

> Yes, the Tampa Reprographics maps are the same as the FTA maps sold on the
> website. All date to 1999. Deb Blick is busy updating the map set. I'm
> helping out a little updating some of the loop trails. I'll be doing Rock
> Springs Run after hunting season is over; don't know if I'll get a chance
> get back into Wekiva this year.
> Cheers, Sandy