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[ft-l] Questions from a lurker

The FTA trail at Hillsborough River State Park is a really neat day hike,
you walk along the river, see the rapids(Florida-style) and generally have a
nice walk of about 4 miles all under canopy. Little Manatee River SRA has a
great day hike along the river too that is just outside Brandon.

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Date: Monday, March 26, 2001 9:05 AM
Subject: [ft-l] Questions from a lurker

>Hello all,
>First, I just want to say thanks to anyone who participates in this forum
>and shares their experiences about florida hiking. I did not even know that
>Florida had a NST until I came across the FTA website a year ago, and I've
>lived here for 30 yrs.
>Second, I want to expose my wife to hiking, and could use some suggestions
>about some really neat hikes that might help her catch the fever. Since
>she's new to hiking, I'm thinking of breaking her in gently with some
>dayhikes that are around 5 miles -- enough to feel like you've done
>something, not enough to leave her sore for a week! We live in Tampa, but
>are frequently in Jax visiting family, so if anyone can give me some
>suggestions for some interesting and enjoyable hikes within an hour or so
>these areas, I'd really appreciate it -- especially beach hikes, she loves
>the water! My hope/plan is to get her hooked so we can go out and do longer
>overnight hikes later.
>Thanks again,
>Tim Lovelock
>Tampa, FL
>"Nobody rises to low expectations"
>-- Calvin Lloyd
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