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[ft-l] Questions from a lurker

Tim,  Great news!  You live near one of the best little day hikes in all of 
the Florida Trail System.  Little Manatee River State Recreation Area is 
about 45 min. south of Tampa near Sun City.  There is a six mile loop.  
"About one-third of the walk boarders the Little Manatee River" over 
boardwalk and almost twenty bridges.  "The rest meanders through sand pine, 
palmetto and oak hammocks."  You get to walk through a few different 
ecological zones.  Because of a few sink holes you even get to walk up a very 
short hill or two.  This is a very nice day hike for beginners. I have taken 
both my wife and 3 year old son at the time.  To get there take I75 south to 
Sun City.  Head east on SR 674 to US 301.  Head south and the park is about 3 
miles on the right.  You have to stop at the enterence gate and the ranger 
will give you a combination to the parking lot at the trail head.  Go soon 
before it gets too hot.