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[ft-l] Questions from a lurker

Hello all,
First, I just want to say thanks to anyone who participates in this forum
and shares their experiences about florida hiking. I did not even know that
Florida had a NST until I came across the FTA website a year ago, and I've
lived here for 30 yrs.
Second, I want to expose my wife to hiking, and could use some suggestions
about some really neat hikes that might help her catch the fever. Since
she's new to hiking, I'm thinking of breaking her in gently with some
dayhikes that are around 5 miles -- enough to feel like you've done
something, not enough to leave her sore for a week! We live in Tampa, but
are frequently in Jax visiting family, so if anyone can give me some
suggestions for some interesting and enjoyable hikes within an hour or so of
these areas, I'd really appreciate it -- especially beach hikes, she loves
the water! My hope/plan is to get her hooked so we can go out and do longer
overnight hikes later.
Thanks again,
Tim Lovelock
Tampa, FL
"Nobody rises to low expectations"
-- Calvin Lloyd