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[ft-l] Questions from a lurker

I also wanted to mention (since you got several suggestions for the Tampa
area) that not too far west of Jacksonville is about 21 miles of FNST within
the Osceola National Forest.  You can visit the Olustee Battlefield Museum
and walk the approximately 1 mile interpretive trail there.  From the museum
to Ocean Pond campground is approximately 6 miles.  From Ocean Pond
campground to the Turkey Run trailhead is approximately 5 miles with a trail
shelter with privy about 1/2 mile east of the trailhead.  If you camp at the
campground, both of those would make nice day hikes or short overnight
backpacking trips.  Nearby Lake City had motels and restuarants.  I can
recommend the Cypress Inn and Ken's Barbeque and Steakhouse.

Another nice idea outside of Jax would be a weekend in White Springs,
including a visit to the Stephen Foster Cultural Center (see Sylvia's new
FTA display!) and a day hike along the bluffs of the Suwannee River.  You
could camp on the trail or in the nearby KOA or get a motel or B&B in White


> We live in Tampa, but
> are frequently in Jax visiting family, so if anyone can give me some
> suggestions for some interesting and enjoyable hikes within an hour or so
> these areas, I'd really appreciate it -- especially beach hikes, she loves
> the water! My hope/plan is to get her hooked so we can go out and do
> overnight hikes later.
> Thanks again,
> Tim Lovelock
> Tampa, FL