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[ft-l] FTA Annual Conference

Well as someone with three kids I have to say that the high cost of taking a
family to the meeting kept us away. Kids are charged the full price and it
would have cost us $70 to attend which was far above what we normally would
pay for camping anywhere. So my conclusion was that FTA does not want
families to attend these meetings and set the charges at a level to keep
them away.
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> Re:  children at the conference
> Of course, I'm prejudiced because I've drug my son (usually under protest)
> several annual meetings.  I for one am glad to see children at the
> conference.  If there are children there it usually means there are folks
> there young enough to be parents.  Since I'm 54, I guess I can say that
> thing that concerns me about FT is the fact that there are so few members
> their 20's and 30's.  Not only could we use their new ideas, their
> enthusiasm, and their fresh outlook, we could also use their strong backs
> trail work!  Lots of folks in their 20's and 30's come equipped with kids,
> despite the fact that children are sometimes noisy and disruptive, I think
> they're a great addition.  (Although I have been known to leave a talk on
> fake errand of getting a drink of water and come back to sit in a quieter
> spot.)
> Joan Jarvis
> bluetrail@aol.com
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